Instructions for designs demonstrated on television

In this section you will find bullet point style instructions to accompany the YouTube videos of designs made by me for television shows. Where possible the link to the show will be included, but these links may not work on mobile devices unless you have downloaded the appropriate app. The link will be for the whole show, so it will be necessary to fast forward to the relevant demonstration. Not all the designs are demonstrated in the show, but they are all shown at some point.

Please be aware that these instructions are very different to the  tutorials for sale in the shop, which are extremely detailed and full of step-by-step photos and advice on how to develop your own variations.

14.5.14 Sunset View – A collection of jewellery designs incorporating pyrite drops, orange quartz faceted rondelles and rutilated quartz puffy coins. (This section is still in the process of being written!)

14.5.14 Mint Magic – A bracelet, two necklaces and earrings made using prehnite bicones, smokey quartz puffy coins and bronze seed beads.

20.5.14 Elegance – Two necklaces, a bracelet and two pairs of earrings made using large pearls, chrysoprase chips, fluorite chips and 0.25 wire.

20.5.14 Shimmer – A necklace, a pendant style necklace a bracelet and a pair of earrings made using labradorite, smokey quartz and marcasite.

24.6.14 Metal Seed Beads – Gold and Emerald – A bracelet, necklace and earrings made using metal seed beads and genuine emerald rondelles

24.6.14 Metal Seed Beads – Silver and Blue Agate – A necklace and earrings made using metal seed beads and blue agate round beads

24.6.14 Metal Seed Beads – Silver and Rose Quartz – A bracelet and necklace made using carved rose quartz flowers and metal seed beads

24.6.14 Metal Seed Beads – Mixed metals, pearls and pyrite – A statement necklace, bracelet and earrings made using three colours of metal seed beads as well as pyrite and pearls

8.7.14 Pyrite and Quartz – Glittering colour coated pyrite is used to make a striking necklace, bracelet, pendant and earrings.

8.7.14 Rainbow Quartz and Emeralds – Earrings, bracelet and two necklaces using Rainbow Coated Quartz, Black agate and Emerald rondelles

23.7.14 Labradorite Cabochons – Three pendants and a bracelet made using wonderful cabochons and rondelles.

23.7.14 Amazonite, Pearls and Pyrite – Two necklaces, a chunky bracelet, earrings and a haircomb

20.8.14 Black Spinel, Pyrite and Rhodonite Garnet – Two necklaces, a bracelet and earrings

20.8.14 Labradorite, Turquoise and Gemstone Nuggets – A necklace, bracelet and earrings

25.9.14 Satin Cord Christmas Kit Part 1 – Green and Red Quarzite

25.9.14 Satin Cord Christmas Kit Part 2 – Golden Druzy, Shell Pearls and Black Onyx

25.9.14 Candy Cane Christmas Kit – Pyrite, Labradorite and lots of seedies

28.10.14 Ethiopian Opal, Labradorite and Shell Pearl – Four necklaces and two bracelets

28.10.14 Serpentine Cabochons – Three ways of using large cabochons, two bracelets and a pendant

27.11.14 Silver Seed Beads – New ways to use these beads using sodalite and coated quartz

27.11.14 Copper Seed Beads – Metal seed beads and gemstones in tones of purple, fuschia and turqoise

27.11.14 Gold Seed Beads – Necklace and pendant designs using metal seed beads, gemstones and a lovely labradorite cabochon

9.12.14 Feminine Beauty – Unusual designs and one very clever trick for a lariat using lots of coloured SLon cord and gemstone round beads.

9.12.14 Rustic Beauties – Subtle and elegant designs in earthy tones, including one of my favourite makes so far for Jewellery Maker!

22.1.15 Gold Seed Beads and S-Lon – Great designs using just seed beads and cord.

22.1.15 Shell Pearl Cabochon and Copper Seed Beads – Different ways of using cabochons in kumihimo jewellery

10.2.15 Pearls, Smokey Quartz and Gold Seed Beads – A rich and luxurious selection of jewellery including two bracelets and two necklaces

10.2.15 Amethyst, Pearls and Silver Seed Beads – Large amethyst chips work so well with kumihimo and also with pearls.

10.2.15 Wire Connections for Kumihimo – Some useful ways of making focal connections out of wire and gemstones

18.3.15 Emeralds and Metal Seed Beads – A clever new clasp design for a kumihimo bracelet and other designs

18.3.15 Brights and Chips – Bright cords are used with gemstone chips and 6mm rounds to create some vibrant jewellery

16.4.15 Black Agate Flower – Featuring a beautiful black agate flower pendant and black spinel together with black, grey and white cords.

16.4.15 Faceted Clear Quartz and Navy Cord – Quartz in 2 sizes is teamed with Iolite rounds and thick navy cord.

16.4.15 Gemstone Chain Collection – Gemstone chain, labradorite, faceted cubes and metal bicones come together in some lovely designs

5.5.15 Amazing Abalone – The star of the kit was a graduated abalone fan!

20.5.15 Golden Girls – Three reels of fine S-Lon Tex 135 were used to make a selection of necklaces and bracelets, several featuring tassels.

20.5.15 Abalone, Aquamarine and lots of spacers – Four reels of thick S-Lon 400 were used to make a selection of necklaces and bracelets

30.6.15 Howlite Cabochons with turquoise and gold wire – Using wire kumihimo braids to capture cabochons.

30.6.15 Soutache captured labradorite cabochons – Three colours of soutache are used to capture cabochons and for kumihimo braiding.

4.8.15 Labradorite Drops and Metal Seed Beads – Some totally stunning large drops of Labradorite are used with silver seed beads to make some lovely necklaces and bracelets

4.8.15 Graphic Quartz, pearls and metal seed beads – A strand of stunning graphic quartz is used to great effect in a range of jewellery with metal seed beads

8.9.15 Kumihimo/Beadweaving designs with purple Tiger’s Eye and Pearls – A tubular netting technique used with gemstones and kumihimo

8.9.15 Pearl and Hematite Rice Beads with Black Spinel – Braiding and stitching is used to make a range of necklaces and bracelets

21.10.15 Autumn Tones – Satin cord is used with carnelian, lemon quartz and dendrite opal to make some autumnal jewellery

21.10.15 Gold seed beads with amethyst bicones, pearls and aquamarine – Both bold statement pieces and delicate feminine designs

11.11.15 Patina Paint – How to customise the look with patina paint

11.11.15 Party Season with zari thread and purple coated agate – Designs using the 7 cord braid

6.1.16 Satin Ribbon Kumihimo with Pearls –  Great designs using a wonderful new product.

6.1.16 Hearts and Emeralds – Use gemstones to embellish plain braids

12.2.16 Floral Ribbon and Wooden beads – Match beads and braids with decoupage

12.2.16 Organza Ribbons – Try a new way of using kumihimo with ribbon and beading thread

29.3.16 Knotting Cord – Braided designs made with very fine knotting cord.

29.3.16 Floral Ribbon and Fluorite – Another way of using floral ribbons with lovely gemstones

2.5.16 Fluorite Bicones, Pearls and Amethyst – Brilliant bicones

2.5.16 Fluorescent Cord – Vibrant cord is mixed with black and cream for a lively collection of designs

28.10.16 Swarovski Crystal and Pearls – Stunning natural pearls are teamed with sparkling crystals

28.10.16 Swarovski Crystal and Seed Beads – Learn how to braid with Fireline thread

24.11.16 Sterling Silver, Spinel and Purple Garnet – A sprinkling of sterling silver and a crystal pendant

24.11.16 Sterling Silver and coated Amethyst – Learn to combine beadweaving with braiding