Lockdown Update 2020 – Zoomihimo by Prumihimo

All future workshops will be offered as virtual workshops using the zoom meeting platform. Kumihimo lends itself very well to this format and virtual workshops can be extremely effective learning platforms. I have done a lot of research, both from the tutor and the student’s point of view and I have structured my virtual workshops to maximise the benefits of on-line learning. The student will be able to see good close-up demonstrations which can be repeated and expanded to suit the needs of the individual students. As a tutor I have found ways of making sure I can see the detail of the student’s work and give appropriate help and guidance. Seeing the work of other students is an important part of an in-person workshop and you will be able to do this in my virtual workshops. Some people think that a virtual workshop is just like watching a YouTube video, but that is definitely not the case in my workshops because you will be able to speak to me and other students and I will regularly check your work and guide you when required. The convenience of being able to take part from the comfort of your own home with other students in distant locations easily outweighs the disadvantages of distance learning and I can heartily recommend it!

The Zoomihimo by Prumihimo program of workshops is totally flexible and I will offer designs, dates and times as the demand suggests.

My first workshops will be for the Daggerella necklace design and will be offered for two dates. Each workshop is split over 2 sessions a few days apart, 2 hours on the first day and 3 hours on the second day, 5 hours of tuition in total. This works extremely well for this type of design because it allows the braiding to be finished off after the first session and everyone will start at the same point for the second session. On-line learning can be tiring, so the break in between sessions prevents fatigue or eye strain spoiling your experience. Please click on the date for more details and to book a place.

I have spaces available on workshops on two dates for this striking and unusual necklace. This is the Baroque necklace which is made on the Prumihimo disk using baroque cabochons and bugle beads. The design features a very versatile button fastening, which is different to the button fastening I teach for the Daggerella necklace. In this workshop I teach how to use 2 hole beads with kumihimo and this is a very useful transferable skill, which can open up a whole new way of using beads. The bugle bead embellishment is an unusual technique I developed to enhance the cabochon beads.

Please click on the dates below for more details

Baroque Necklace workshop  Sat 3rd and Sun 4th October   Now fully booked

Baroque Necklace workshop Tuesday 13th and Thursday 15th October  Only 1 space available

baroque necklace


Daggerella Necklace

10th and 13th Augustnow fully booked

Sat 5th and Sun 6th September – UK pm/US am – now fully booked

UK afternoon/US morning

Super Sparkle Bracelet

I am offering two dates for this fabulous bracelet. They are both made up of two sessions of 2 and 3 hours to allow the best use of the teaching time. One is on a weekend and the other will take place during the week. The start time for each session is designed to be suitable for a wide range of time zones across the US and Europe. It might be a little early or late in some places, but it will be worth it to be able to socialise across the oceans! Please click on the date for further details and to book a place.

Mon 14th and Thurs 17th September   Fully booked

Sat 19th and Sun 20th September    Fully booked

Super Sparkle Bracelet

Still not sure about live virtual workshops? Check out these FAQs.

Q – Is Zoom easy to use?
A – Zoom is very easy to use and all you need is what for most people is their regular equipment. You need an iPad/tablet, laptop or smart phone. These will all have the audio and camera capabilities you need, as long as they are not broken or really old. The app can be downloaded from and you will also find lots of assistance on this site, including the opportunity to try joining a meeting. If you find this confusing I am happy to help you by setting up a trial meeting and sending an invitation. When you click on it you will be taken through the necessary steps to download the app and if all goes well you will then see me!
Q – Will you be offering shorter workshops? I am worried that 5 hours will be too much for me.
A – Yes. The length of the workshop depends on the complexity of the design, so some workshops will be shorter and I am considering offering a ‘taster session’ if there is enough interest for it. However, working on-line can be tiring, so splitting the workshop into 2 sessions with a couple of days in between means less strain on your eyes and less likelihood of getting too tired. You would not be looking at the screen the whole time because the demonstrations will be carefully spaced through each session and you will be working on your disk in between demos. You can get up and take a break at any time and there will also be quick comfort breaks in each session.
Q – How much prior experience do I need for the Daggerella/Super Sparkle necklace workshop?
A – You need to be able to braid on the Prumihimo disk (this is different to the regular round disk). It is very quick and easy to learn and I have YouTube videos available to show you how. If you are unsure I am happy to have a quick one-to one with you to make sure you are at the right level to be able to make the most of the workshop. If you would prefer to start with a workshop aimed at complete beginners I will have some available in due course.
Q – Do I need a Prumihimo disk for the Daggerella/Super Sparkle workshop?
A – Yes you do. The regular thickness disk is best for this workshop, but it must be a Prumihimo disk and not just the regular round disk. At the moment I am not sending out disks from my website because of unreliability in the international post. However, if you contact me here or by private message I can send disks out to you. Disks can be sent as large letters so they should get to you reasonably promptly. Packages seem to be subject to more delays, so at the moment I am not sending books or kits out internationally.
Q – Why are your workshops more expensive than some others?
A – Don’t compare apples with pears!
We are now seeing virtual workshops offered by many different people over a wide range of mediums and although some may appear to be cheaper this is not necessarily the case. I have carefully worked out what I believe will work best for my style of teaching. My class size will be no more than 12 (the first two workshops will be smaller and I will build up to 12) so that I can give every student the individual attention they need and allow lots of interaction and feedback with both me and the rest of the class. With larger classes that is not really possible.
The Daggerella workshop is a full 5 hours of tuition split into 2 sessions. The sessions need not end strictly on time if people need extra help or if the conversation is flowing. After the first session I will check that everyone has been able to continue on their own and get to the right point for the next session, giving assistance if necessary. During the workshop I will be giving lots of additional information, so that students can benefit from my many years of experience.
So if you wish to make comparisons with other virtual workshops take note of class size, duration of the class, experience of the tutor, originality of the design and whether the tutor is prepared to be there for you if you need follow up help!
I know that the price may be too much for some, but I have lots of wonderful YouTube videos that are free to watch. A virtual workshop is a completely different experience and I am not embarrassed to ask a fair price for my hard work!
Q – How is this different to YouTube?
A – It is very different because it is interactive. It really is almost as good as being in the same room as the teacher and other students. I will be able to inspect your work and guide you through any problems you may have. I will also be able to repeat demonstrations or clarify as often as necessary. You will be able to see the work of other students and interact with them.

The following images show previous workshops from the last 5 years.


Workshops 13


Prumihimo workshop


Endings workshop

Christmas kumihimo workshop


Kumihimo Pendant


Button Kumihimo


Workshops 15


Gemstone prumihimo