The Prumihimo Disk

Welcome to the Prumihimo Disk. I have developed this brand new disk after years of experimentation with a particular traditional braid structure. After much trial and error I came up with this design and put it into production. I have been delighted by the positive reaction and I am keen to make sure that I offer as much support as possible to those who buy the disk.

The system of slots, dots and numbers is completely my own invention and it is now fully protected by design patents and design protection.

US – 29/557,791 EU – 003025071

This means that the design cannot be reproduced or copied in any way unless it is with my permission.

The Prumihimo Disk is always sold with instructions, but extra help and information is always useful. In addition, I am supplying a couple of starter tutorials to help braiders to get going.

This is work in progress. The information and photographs will be added to regularly, and the FAQ section will grow as the questions roll in. So feel free to contact me at if you have any questions

Braid Instructions

Get Started – Free tutorials to get you going with your Prumihimo Disk

4-Cord braid on the Prumihimo Disk


Beads, Cords and Kits

The Prumihimo Book

Frequently Asked Questions

Caring for your Prumihimo Disk

The Extra-thick Prumihimo Disk


If you would like to purchase a Prumihimo Disk for the first time or need replacement disks please follow the links below,

The Prumihimo Disk – single disk, detailed instructions and Pipalicious tutorial

Additional Disks – 2 disk package, no instructions, no tutorial