Metal Seed Beads – Silver and Blue Agate

Kumihimo with metal seed beads and blue agate

The cool, crisp colour combination of silver and sky blue suits the simple, classic lines in this jewellery.



The addition of a chain made from beaded links keeps this necklace light and also saves on beads.

kumihimo necklace with metal seed beads and blue agate

1. Cut 8 x 60cm S-Lon.

2. Braid for 2cm in Round Braid.

3. Use size 8 silver beads and 3mm blue agate rounds and thread them onto all 8 cords in the following order,

12 silver – 4 blue – 4 silver – 4 blue – 4 silver – 4 blue – 12 silver

4. Braid in the beads and then for 2cm without beads.

5. Finish the braid with glue-in or wire-on end caps. A wire coil and a few extra beads can also be used.

6. Make a rosary link chain using links made with two silver beads on either side of a blue bead. Approximately 6-8 will be needed on each side.



These dainty earrings are perfect to make with a few leftover beads and they compliment the necklace perfectly.

Kumihimo earrings

1. Cut 4 x 35cm S-Lon cord.

2. Thread the following beads onto one strand,

3 blue – one silver size 8 – 3 blue – one silver size 8

3. Thread the first end of the cord through the last bead threaded on, so that the cords cross over and a beaded loop is formed.

4. Tie the other 3 cords onto the loop using the first cord and a double knot.

5. Position the cords on the disk for Round Braid and carry out 8 moves.

6. Thread 3 size 8 seed beads onto each cord and braid them in. Braid for an extra 1-2cm.

7. Finish off with a glue-in or wire-on cone or a spiral of wire, top with a couple of seed beads and a wrapped loop.

8. Attach the earring wire.