Free Mini Tutorials

This is where to find free instructions for many of my kumihimo designs. If a design can be explained in a few sentences, you will find it here. If, however, a design requires detailed instructions and/or a chart, you will find it in the shop.

Some knowledge of kumihimo is required for these instructions. Precise lengths and amounts are not given and nor are methods of ending the braid.

The aim here is to give an indication of how the piece of jewellery was made and to encourage experimentation. If you need more information, please feel free to email me.

To browse the designs please use the drop down menu or click on the links below.

Four Colour Round Braid Spiral Bracelet

Triple Braid Bracelet 

Blue Bell Pendant

Red Multi-Strand Bracelet

Spring Bells Yellow Lariat

Misty Matte Magatama Bracelet

Charm Bead Bracelet

Thick and Thin Starfish Pendant

Suede Stacking Bracelets

Pink Hairy Starfish Bracelet

Silver Drop Bracelet

Hairy Golden Necklace

Watch Pendant

Front Fastening Necklace Set

Wavy Disks

Wire Round Braid Bracelet

Wire Half Round Bracelet