Watch Pendant

 kumihimo round braid watch pendant

Braid directly from a watch face and add a favourite pendant underneath to make a change from wearing a watch on the wrist and freeing up the wrists for lots of kumihimo bracelets! Choose a watch face with large rings on either side, or add jumprings if necessary.

–          8 warp Round Braid

–          Measure enough yarn for the complete necklace. Thread it through the ring to the halfway point and thread on a large hole bead. Push it right down to the ring on the watch. 16 cords should now be coming out from the bead.

–          Position 8 cords on the disk and work in round braid, using the watch as the weight. Repeat for the other side.

–          Cover the ends of the cords with beads to match the one used above the watch

–          Attach a pendant or focal bead to the ring under the watch