Blue Bell Necklace

Blue pendant collage

This beautiful glass bell makes a delightful pendant and the matching large glass beads can be mismatched at the clasp and in the bell to add a quirky touch.

–          Use 8 warp Round Braid made with SLon cord

–          Size 8 seed beads

–          Fold the cords in half and bring them through the bell from the top by pulling them through with an extra length of cord. Secure with a large knot to make sure the cords do not pull back though the bell.

Blue Bell Pendant

–          Take 8 cords and braid to the desired length, then braid the other 8 cords

–          Add beads in one colour to the cord in slot 32 and in another colour to the cord in slot 16

–          The cord which was used to pull the braiding cords through is used to attach the two large beads under the bell

–          Use wide hole beads to cover the braid ends and top with the matching large glass beads and a seed bead before attaching the clasp, using wire and a wrapped loop.

These gorgeous bells, also called Pixie Caps, are available at