Wire Round Braid Bracelet

Kumihimo Round Braid Wire Bracelet

Wire is a wonderful material for kumihimo because it produces such different effects to textile kumihimo. In addition it can be manipulated after braiding, allowing unusual shapes and designs to be created. However, the method of working is different to using cords, so it is best to practise extensively until the right end result can be achieved consistently.

–           8 warp Round Braid

–          Position 6-8 lengths of fine wire, such as 0.3mm (28 gauge), in each slot

–          4 warps of gold wire in slots 32, 1, 16 and 17

–          2 warps of contrast colour 1 in slots 8 and 24

–          2 warps of contrast colour 2 in slots 9 and 25

–          Use coils of wire topped with a matching bead to cover the ends of the wire

–          Warning: wire can damage the foam disk if the wire is pulled too tightly in the slots.