Wire Half Round Braid Bracelet

Kumihimo Half Round Braid Wire Bracelet

Wire is used to great effect in this flat bracelet and it is quick and simple to finish off with ribbon ends. Wire is not pulled tight in the same way that cords and yarns are, so the braid looks very different. Half Round Braid produces a wide braid with lacy, scalloped edges.

–          8 Warp Half Round Braid

–          Position 6-8 lengths of fine wire, such as 0.3mm (28 gauge), in each slot

–          4 warps of silver wire in slots 32, 1, 9 and 24

–          4 warps of coloured wire in slots 8, 16, 17 and 25.

–          Finish off the ends with a ribbon end, making sure it is tightly closed with pliers

–          Warning: wire can damage the foam disk if the wire is pulled too tightly in the slots.