Wavy Disks

Kumihimo bracelet made with wavy disk beads

Make a big statement with classic black and gold colours and chunky beads. Disk beads with a central hole can be difficult to use with Kumihimo because too much thread can be visible in between the beads. This is avoided in this design by working a size 6 bead into the braid at the same time as the disk bead.

 – 8 warp Round Braid

 – 3 warps of shiny black long magatama beads, all facing the same direction, positioned is slots 1, 9 and 17

 – 3 warps of matt black long magatama beads, all facing in the same direction, positioned in slots 8, 24 and 25

 – 2 warps of seed beads and disks, threaded alternately starting with a seed bead, positioned in slots 32 and 16. There should be twice as many beads in total on these two warps

 – Work a seed bead and a disk together into the braid each time that warp is moved

 – When the seed bead and drops are worked keep the thread tight so that it does not get caught up on previous beads