Misty Matte Magatama Bracelet



Blue Magatama Kumihimo Bracelet

The heavy weight of the glass cones is ideal to balance a chunky bracelet like this one and they keep the clasp area hanging to the underside of the wrist during wear.

–          8 warp Round Braid made using SLon cord

–          Magatamas in two colours and size 6 beads in one colour

–          Tie a knot in the middle of the bundle of cords, thread on the focal bead and braid each side of the bracelet separately

–          Thread on the beads once the cords are positioned in the slots and thread on the magatama beads from the upper hole to the lower hole

–          Position the cords in the following slots, seed beads in slots 32, 1, 16 and 17, main colour magatama in slots 8, 9 and 24, highlight colour magatama in slot 25

https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/BeadsbyKat is where you can find these very special etched glass end cones.