Spring Bells Yellow Lariat

Yellow Lariat collage

A ‘beaded bead’ effect can be achieved by playing with the spacing of the beads on this extra long lariat. Two delicate glass bells make an adorable focal point.

–          8 warp Round Braid made using SLon cord

–          Size 8 seed beads in two colours

–          Thread the seed beads on the following cords, yellow on slots 32, 1, 16 and 17, white on slots 8, 9, 24 and 25

–          Braid without beads for 3cm then drop a bead into the braid from every cord for the next 32 individual moves. Follow this by braiding without beads for the next individual 32 moves. Continue with this alternating pattern to create the big bead effect

–          Bind the braid end and thread it through the cone and the matching large hole bead. Tie a few knots in the cords to secure the cone.

–          Thread a seed bead onto each cord and keep it in place with a small knot.


These bells, also known as Pixie Caps, are to be found at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/BeadsbyKat