Triple Braid Bracelet

Waxed cord kumihimo bracelet

This vibrant bracelet is made using the super shiny type of waxed cord, but it would work just as well in regular waxed cord or satin cord. If a large oval end cap is not available a large round end cap will be fine, but the cords will sit more as a bunch rather than in a row.

– make 3 bracelet length bracelets in 8 cord round braid using 1mm cord

– bind each braid individually and secure with glue (optional)

– pierce the braid end with wire, twist the wire together and trim the shorter end. Repeat for the other two braids. Bring all three wires together, pass through the hole in the end cap and create a wrapped loop with all three together. Repeat for the other end.

– alternatively use a glue in end cap

– use a chunky clasp to balance the design.