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Exciting News! Brand new YouTube videos.

I have been very busy over the last few weeks working on some videos for YouTube. I am often asked to produce video tutorials and I know that many people would find them useful, particularly those who are visual learners. I have decided that the best approach would be to offer these videos on YouTube […]

Launch Day!

The date is 3rd October, 2016 and it is a very big day for me because it is the publication date of my book, The Prumihimo Disk – A fresh approach to kumihimo I would like to say a massive thank you to all those who have placed pre-orders either on this site or with […]

The Prumihimo Disk – A fresh approach to kumihimo

Prumihimo book

I have long wanted to write a book and over the last couple of years I have considered various different options. The development of my Prumihimo disk gave me the idea of writing a handbook for the disk and I started looking into the feasability of this over a year ago. The disk was launched […]

The Prumihimo disk – back in stock!

prumihimo disk

My new delivery of Prumihimo disks has arrived safely, are back in stock on this website and are ready to find new homes! They can be purchased either as a single disk with a tutorial for a lovely necklace or as a 2 disk pack without the tutorial. I can ship to most countries directly. […]

Prumi-stitch – the new series of tutorials

When I first developed the Prumihimo disk I hoped that it would open up new design opportunities, but at that early stage I did not know exactly what they would be. The more I use my disk the more I become aware of what may be possible with it. In particular the braid lends itself […]

Free Necklace Tutorial

As part of my continuing committment to support people who have bought my Prumihimo disk I have just posted a new free necklace tutorial. My aim is to provide a selection of fairly simple tutorials to help to get people started on their journey with the new disk. The first free tutorial was for a […]

Gemstone Fan-tasy Necklace

Oh dear! It has been a long time since my last blog because I have been busy with loads of exciting projects, but at least this one has come to fruition. I have spent a long time working on the details of this design because it is very important that a feature, such as a […]

Mystic Moons

mystic moons

There is a constant flow of new bead shapes coming onto the market, which is very exciting, but they have generally been designed with the beadweaver in mind. Some shapes, such as top drilled Pips and Petals, are easy to use in all sorts of kumihimo designs, but others are less obviously of use to […]

Additional Support for the Prumihimo Disk.

Developing the Prumihimo Disk has been a very exciting journey for me. I had only intended to sell it from my website, but as the demand grows my little disk is finding its way into customers’ hands via several different routes! Last month the disk had its US TV debut on JTV. Last week the […]

Additional Prumihimo Disks

Due to popular demand, I have just made available a 2-disk replacement Prumihimo Disk package in the shop on this website. Lots of people have asked if they could purchase additional disks because they want to have more than one project on the go at any one time. This is certainly the way I like […]