Additional Support for the Prumihimo Disk.

Developing the Prumihimo Disk has been a very exciting journey for me. I had only intended to sell it from my website, but as the demand grows my little disk is finding its way into customers’ hands via several different routes!

Last month the disk had its US TV debut on JTV. Last week the disk had its bead show debut at the Big Bead Show at Sandown Park. Both Stitchncraft and Knotting Ways kindly allowed me to demonstrate the disk from their stands, so I dodged between the two places during the day. It was tremendous fun for me and a very valuable experience too because it gave me the chance to interact with customers. A new product like this definintely benefits from a demo and I was really delighted by the way they sold. Thank you so much to everyone who bought one. The next step is to supply retailers, but I am working hard to ensure that there is sufficient material on my website to support and encourage customers. A new Prumihimo Disk tab has been introduced on the home page and the information is gradually being posted. So far there are some braid instructions and a starter tutorial. FAQs, links to tutorials and kits and a gallery are to follow. I would also like to film a few different videos to offer additional support. As the need arises or as requests are made I will consider other information.

There are several other very exciting developments on their way, so watch this space!

If you would like to purchase a Prumihimo Disk for the first time or need replacement disks please follow the links below,

The Prumihimo Disk – single disk, detailled instructions and Pipalicious tutorial

Additional Disks – 2 disk package, no instructions

Bracelet Collage


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