Summer Workshops

I have got a great line-up of kumihimo workshops for this summer and I am looking forward both to introducing new people to braiding and to helping others to extend their skills. Each workshop is very different and will be hosted in a different location. The beadshops I work with all have great selections of kumihimo equipment and suitable beads, with the added benefit of being set in beautiful English countryside. One or other of these locations is reasonably accessible to most parts of the South and Midlands and if you live in London or the South East you can get to all 3! I have worked hard to make sure that each workshop offers something new, so if you can make it to all of them you will not be disappointed!

Saturday 1st July. Riverside Beads. Market Deeping, Northamptonshire

Prumihimo with Pru McRae – click to book

Summer 17 2

In this workshop I will introduce students to my own invention, the Prumihimo disk. I will teach how to braid on this disk using just cord to start with and then students will learn how to braid with beads. Once the braiding is complete I will explain how to embellish the braid with additional seed beads. Most students will be able to finish their project on the day, but as everyone works at their own pace I make sure that a comprehensive handout is supplied, so that the design can be finished off at home. I always bring along lots of samples, so that people can be inspired to try out their own embellishment ideas. We will make a bracelet in the workshop, but it can easily be adapted into a necklace for those who prefer.

This class is suitable for all levels, even those who have not tried kumihimo on the regular round disk before.

Future workshops at Riverside Beads – Advanced Prumihimo. Saturday 28th October. This is the perfect follow-up to the first workshop.

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Saturday July 8th. Spoilt Rotten Beads. Haddenham, Cambridgeshire

Embellished Prumihimo Workshop with Pru McRae – click to book

Summer 17 3

This workshop has been designed to take Pumihimo braiding to the next level, teaching students how to achieve intricacy and delicacy in a braided design. We will use my Prumihimo disk to make a simple beaded braid and then students will learn how to build up the braid with additional seed beads and superduos. To account for individual preferences I will give instructions for both a bracelet and a necklace. Most people will finish the bracelet by the end of the workshop, but a necklace requires more braiding, so it is unlikely that it would be completed on the day. However, I will make sure that all students understand the techniques so they would be able to finish off at home. A full handout with both designs will be supplied. Although we will be using the Prumihimo disk the skills I will teach are transferable to other types of braiding, making this a very inspirational class.

This class is best suited to those who have some experience of kumihimo on the regular round disk. If you have already tried the Prumihimo disk this workshop is a great way to extend your skills.

Future workshops at Spoilt Rotten Beads – Christmas kumihimo workshop with Pru McRae. Saturday 4th November. The details of this class will be published shortly, but please be aware that my Christmas decoration workshops are always very popular and this one has already taken quite a few bookings, even though the details have not been published!


Thursday 10th August. Stitchncraft Beads. Dorset

Inside Out Kumihimo Braclet – click to book

Summer 17 4

In this workshop I will teach the inside out method of Round braid on the regular round disk, using my own special method for this technique to create beautiful braids with a ‘beaded bead’ effect. This is the perfect workshop for those who would like to explore a different way of using their round disk and different set-ups will be explained so that students can learn how to plan their own spacing and ‘bead’ size. I will also teach a method of attaching a clasp without the need for glue. The original plan was to make a bracelet, but I have added in the option of a necklace. It will be possible for most students to complete the bracelet on the day, but the necklace involves much more braiding, so may need to be finished off at home. A full handout for both designs will be supplied and the finishing method will be taught in class.

This class is suitable for everyone who had tried the regular method of braiding on the round disk. I do not recommend it for complete beginners to kumihimo.

Future workshops at Stitchncraft – Look out for the new programme of workshops for 2018, which will be available in the autumn. I am busy planning my workshops for next year and I have got some great proposals.

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