The Prumihimo disk – back in stock!

prumihimo disk

My new delivery of Prumihimo disks has arrived safely, are back in stock on this website and are ready to find new homes! They can be purchased either as a single disk with a tutorial for a lovely necklace or as a 2 disk pack without the tutorial. I can ship to most countries directly. The exception to this is European countries other than the UK, but I can organise the sale by email if required. Shipping takes just a few days to the UK, about a week to Europe and 1-2 weeks to the US, Canada, Australia etc, but we are at the mercy of the postal services and customs, so it can take longer!

If you haven’t tried the Prumihimo disk you are really missing out! It has proved itself to be a fabulous tool to take your braiding to a new level and to open up a new worls of design opportunities. Like any new process it takes time to learn. For some people this may just be a few minutes and then they are off, creating all sorts of lovely braids. For other people it may take longer. I recommend starting with the braid on its own without beads. Give yourself the chance to get into the rhythm of the new braid and continue practising until you can braid accurately and with confidence. Then try adding beads on one or two cords. The bead is added in a slightly different way to what you may be used to. Practise until you get it right. You can use your thumb to keep the beads in place if necessary. All this practise will not only give you confidence, but it will also loosen up the slots slightly, resulting in more even tension. You are now ready to embark on a tutorial! You will find more useful information, a couple of tutorials and a link to a video by clicking here.

Visit the shop to find the disks and lots of tutorials specially written for this new disk.

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