The Prumihimo Disk – A fresh approach to kumihimo


I have long wanted to write a book and over the last couple of years I have considered various different options. The development of my Prumihimo disk gave me the idea of writing a handbook for the disk and I started looking into the feasability of this over a year ago. The disk was launched in November 2015 and its success gave me the confidence to plan the book. I decided to self-finance the publishing of the book and to use the publishing services of SRA Publishing. The reason I felt that self-publishing would be right for me was that I wanted to retain complete control of the content and ownership of the designs. I also wanted to be able to work at my own pace and to be able to decide on the publishing timetable. I started to write the first manuscript in January 2016. It went through many revisions and was finally sent to the publisher in April. The photo shoots took place in May and proof reading and further revisions were worked through in June and July. The final manuscript went to the printer at the end of July. Yesterday was the first time I actually held a copy of my own book in my hands. I really cannot put into words how excited I felt!

My aim has been to produce a concise handbook to unlock the potential of the Prumihimo disk. I wanted to be able to show people different ways of braiding on the disk and to give them the skills and confidence to explore their own designs. The 8 carefully selected projects are divided into 4 sections. Each section contains an introductory project, followed by a more advanced project. In addition, I have filled the book with glimpses of fabulous braids, snaking through the pages to inspire readers. These braids can all be made by using the instructions in the book and by using different sizes and types of bead.

The book also includes valuable information about materials, sizing and tension. Common problems are addressed in the Trouble Shooting chapter. I also explain two excellent finishing methods and how to take your braiding futher. The format is fun and colourful, with handy charts for each project. The style of writing is direct and to-the-point. There is no padding or waffle, so that every word is there to add to the knowledge and understanding of this innovative disk.

Publication date is 3rd October 2016, so no books can be sold until that date. I have prepared a special pre-order package. which will be available up to the publication date. Pre-ordering allows me to get organised and make sure that the books are despatched promptly on the day. The package consists of,

The book – The Prumihimo Disk – A fresh approach to kumihimo by Pru McRae

(RRP when sold individually £11.99)

160mm x 160mm, 78 pages

The disk – A Prumihimo Disk

(RRP when sold individually £6 or 2 for £10)

The tutorial – an exclusive tutorial for the Prumihimo Disk, Butterfly

(RRP when sold individually £5)

Pre-Order Price £15.00, plus shipping

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Prumihimo book

The book is also available on Amazon for pre-order. If you have already pre-ordered on Amazon and would like to take advantage of the disk and tutorial offer please email me on [email protected]

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