Free Necklace Tutorial

Green necklace 1

As part of my continuing committment to support people who have bought my Prumihimo disk I have just posted a new free necklace tutorial. My aim is to provide a selection of fairly simple tutorials to help to get people started on their journey with the new disk. The first free tutorial was for a bracelet with beads on two sides of the braid. This new tutorial is for a necklace with beads on just one side of the braid. I expect that most people could find some 6mm beads in their stash, so I am hoping that this will be a really useful and versatile addition.  Satin cord is used in most of my patterns because it is so widely available, but so many other types of cord or yarn could be used and each type will add its own special qualities. I used some pretty glass beads with a silver foil detail, but pearls, gemstones and so many other types of bead would work well here. I think this pattern could be a real stash buster!

This design could be easily adapted to other shapes and sizes of bead and could be a good starting point for exploring your own designs on the disk. Just hunt through your beads and find some pretty colours and finishes which work well together. Add some interesting cords and make a trial braid to see if your idea works. If not, just try something else. Trial and error is the basis of design!

Free Necklace Tutorial

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