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Braid-along 2 Week 2

Prumihimo braids

At the time of writing this post 46 people have joined in with the braid-along and posted their work. The contributors represent all levels of experience from complete Prumihimo beginners to very experienced braiders. Many have posted more than one bracelet, using the single beading technique. I would like to say a big thank you […]

Farewell Beads & Beyond

The sad news was announced today that Beads & Beyond magazine will no longer be published after the December issue. This publication gave me my first opportunity in 2010, so it has always been special to me. The editors were always enthusiastic and encouraging and allowed the designers all the freedom they needed, with support […]

Taking the Challenge

Sept 15 3

It is always thrilling to see your own work in print and one of my most treasured collections is the stack of magazines which include my work. In most cases the work would be in the form of a tutorial, but there are other types of submission. The Designer Challenge in Beads & Beyond is […]

A Good Month for Kumihimo

Hippy Chic kumihimo

The July issues of the UK jewellery magazines are full of kumihimo jewellery designs in tutorials, editorials, letters and advertisements. Beads & Beyond is particularly rich in references to kumihimo and images of designs. I was really pleased to have my lariat and bracelet tutorial in this issue, as well as seeing Louise Frances’s advertisement […]

Hedgerow Harvest kumihimo tutorial

Berry banner

The latest issue of Beads & Beyond magazine is now out in the shops and one of my tutorials has found its way between the covers! I thought it might be interesting to talk through the process of getting a design into print. I have been contributing to the magazine since 2010, so I have […]

Stylish Stackers – my first front cover!

Kumihimo stacking bracelet

I will always be particularly fond of this design because it was my first front cover on Beads & Beyond. When a friend messaged me to say that my design had made it to the magazine cover I was amazed and delighted and it will always remain one of my proudest achievements. I have taken […]

Front Covers

Beads & Beyond Front Covers

It is time to set up a new page on this website for all the publications my work has found its way into! These are the three front covers from 2013 which featured my designs, but my work has been appearing in print since 2009 and I would quite like to get it all together […]

Twister, the new arrival!

Twister wire kumihimo bracelet

There has been renewed interest in my other wire kumihimo designs, so I thought the time was right to publish this one. It first appeared in Beads & Beyond magazine in the summer and much to my delight it made it to the front cover. I have rewritten the tutorial to include much more detail […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all lovers of Kumihimo! This is the time of year when we can look back over the year and see what we have achieved, as well as looking forward to what we hope to accomplish in the coming year. I feel that I learnt a lot in 2013 about how to […]

First Front Cover of 2014

I was really delighted to find my latest design for Beads & Beyond magazine splashed across the front cover. 2013 was a good year for seeing kumihimo in print and as this is the January 2014 issue I hope it is a good omen for next year! I believe that kumihimo can only continue to […]