Stylish Stackers – my first front cover!

Kumihimo stacking bracelet

I will always be particularly fond of this design because it was my first front cover on Beads & Beyond. When a friend messaged me to say that my design had made it to the magazine cover I was amazed and delighted and it will always remain one of my proudest achievements.

I have taken my time in reworking this tutorial and putting it in the shop because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to add to it. My decision to include instructions for the wirework ends and clasp was made after numerous requests and enquiries about my methods. These instructions can be used with virtually all other types of kumihimo bracelets, which makes the tutorial exceptional value for money! In the beginning I always made these bracelets with magnetic clasps because I like the way all the bracelets stick together when worn and I thought that the clean, simple line of the magnetic clasp worked particularly well with all the detail in the braid. However, having tried the wire method with a few examples I am very pleased with the way it works. I particularly like the way coloured wire can be used and the addition of a bead at either end is not only decorative, but also adds the weight necessary to make the bracelets hang correctly.

Stylish Stackers can be found in the shop from today.