The Magatama Tree

Magatama Tree

Kew Gardens in West London is one of my favourite places in the whole world. I may have totally lost count of the times I have been there, but each visit is different. The changing seasons and the skill of the botanists and gardeners mean that there is always something new to delight the senses. Sometimes it is more a matter of seeing something familiar with new eyes.

I have never particularly liked the Monkey Puzzel tree, but I now realise that it is the rather cruel name which puts me off. How about renaming it the Magatama Tree? Suddenly it is transformed from an instrument animal torture to a source of inspiration! The lovely bracelet in the photo was made by Louise Frances and I can only presume that she has got a Magatama Tree in her garden!

It is no secret that I love to work with Long Magatamas and no less than 6 of my tutorials feature these quirky beads. You may think that is more than enough, but I am just about to launch my 7th and I don’t even think that will be the last! Long Magatamas come in a fantastic range of colours and finishes. They work well with on their own or with other beads and can also be very effective in bead weaving. If you are in the UK you will find a great range in Louise’s shop¬†or if you are in North America, try Jamie’s shop.

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This is a quick reminder of my Long Magatama tutorials.

Magatama tutorials


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