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New Tutorial and Lockdown Offer


I have two things to talk about in my blog today and they have both come about for the same reason. I have noticed an increase of sales of my downloadable tutorials since the lockdown began and I gather from other designers that they are experiencing the same upturn in sales of tutorials and that […]

New tutorial – Cordelia – Prumi-stitch 2


It has been a busy year for me, but at last I have found the time to write the second tutorial in my Prumi-stitch series, which has been given the name Cordelia! Prumi-stitch is the name I have given to designs which incorporate both bead stitching and beaded braiding on the Prumihimo Disk. These two […]

ZoliDuos are here!

zoliduo kumihimo

It is no secret that I love to be able to play with new types of bead and put them through their paces. I am probably at my happiest when I can sit down with an unfamiliar bead, some cord and my Prumihimo disk, so imagine how delighted I was to be given some bags […]

Gemstone Fan-tasy Necklace


Oh dear! It has been a long time since my last blog because I have been busy with loads of exciting projects, but at least this one has come to fruition. I have spent a long time working on the details of this design because it is very important that a feature, such as a […]

The Magatama Tree

Magatama banner

Kew Gardens in West London is one of my favourite places in the whole world. I may have totally lost count of the times I have been there, but each visit is different. The changing seasons and the skill of the botanists and gardeners mean that there is always something new to delight the senses. […]

Magnificent Magatamas!


If I could only work with one type of bead for the rest of my braiding career it would have to be the Long Magatama! Although they were developed for the bead weaving community, it seems as if they could have been designed specifically for beaded kumihimo. They are a quirky sort of shape with […]

Crystal Curves


With the party season fast approaching I thought the time was right to bring out a bit of bling! This design is perfect for your little black dress or it would make a very special Christmas present. With this design I wanted to show that kumihimo braiding techniques can be used to make something delicate […]

Noughts and Crosses, my newest tutorial

noughts and crosses kumihimo

Larger beads are often thought to be unsuitable for beaded kumihimo, so I wanted to design a bracelet to make really good use of beautiful gemstones or pearls of around 6mm.  I am very pleased with the way this design turned out because I feel it is very versatile. The crosses can be made to […]