Noughts and Crosses, my newest tutorial

nouhts and crosses kumihimo

Larger beads are often thought to be unsuitable for beaded kumihimo, so I wanted to design a bracelet to make really good use of beautiful gemstones or pearls of around 6mm.  I am very pleased with the way this design turned out because I feel it is very versatile. The crosses can be made to stand out and dominate the design or they can be more subtle and play more of a supporting role to the gemstone or pearl. The bracelet is very quick and easy to make and requires very simple materials. The good news for those who hate threading on beads is that there is very little of that required for this design!

So many of my tutorials are for bracelets and there is a very simple reason for this. I like to be able to see my jewellery when I am wearing it. Short necklaces and earrings can only be seen in the mirror, but bracelets are always in just the right place to be admired!

Click on the link to find the Noughts and Crosses tutorial.




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