Crystal Curves

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With the party season fast approaching I thought the time was right to bring out a bit of bling! This design is perfect for your little black dress or it would make a very special Christmas present. With this design I wanted to show that kumihimo braiding techniques can be used to make something delicate and elegant that could grace any occasion. However, this is not an overly complex design. A less common braid structure needs to be learnt, but I have worked hard to find a new way of teaching this braid and I am confident that most people will find it surprisingly easy. The design uses relatively few beads, which keeps both the time spent threading and the cost down. I have used Chinese 12x6mm crystals, but as only 21 drops are needed, Swarovsky crystals would be affordable and would certainly add to the sparkle. The drops are added in such a way as to allow a little movement, which maximises the effect.

I have set the price of my tutorials to be in line with UK prices and I wanted to make sure that they came in at less than the price of a magazine. This means that they are considerably cheaper than comparable US tutorials, although they are very well written, illustrated and packed full of information! If you can’t resist the temptation then click on the link below.

Crystal Curves Tutorial