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Brilliant Bicones!

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I am always happy when I can work with bicone beads. The double cone-shaped beads work so well in kumihimo, adding texture and sparkle to the design. They slot together neatly in a braid and also work very well together with other beads. This week I was able to use some pretty 6mm Fluorite bicone […]

Lots of fun at Jewellery Maker


It was a busy show for me on Tuesday at Jewellery Maker because not only did I have to demonstrate two kits as usual, but I also had to make a competition prize during the show with some Sunstone rondelles. Guest Designer challenges have often been a part of the show, but whenever possible I […]

Pearls and Hematite

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One of the most difficult aspects of demonstrating on television is knowing exactly where to pitch the level of complexity. I know that some very loyal viewers have watched my shows right from the beginning in May 2014 and I want to be able to show them new and interesting techniques. However, as kumihimo gets […]

Some very special findings

It has been quite a while since I shared the work of another designer in┬ámy blog, but I think this designer has been worth waiting for! I have noticed that very few people come straight to kumihimo jewellery making. The majority of people have prior experience of other types of jewellery and bring different skills […]

Graphic Quartz

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Graphic Quartz. Never heard of it? Nor had I until I received the parcel from Jewellery Maker containing the kits for my most recent show! Now that I have both seen it and worked with it I hope to use it a lot more. It is a wonderfully warm colour, with varied matrix structures visible […]

Some new ideas


I was given some lovely gemstones and lots of metal seed beads to work with for the Designer Inspiriation show at Jewellery Maker yesterday. I am the sort of person who gets most of their inspiration from the materials themselves, so receiving a weighty strand of Labradorite with some truly amazing optical effects was all […]


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Sorry to anyone who tried and failed to get onto the Prumihimo site today. The technical issues have now been resolved by the lovely man at Go Daddy! I am back in business. This picture is of a thistle at Kew Gardens, but as far as I am concerned it could just as easily be […]

Beaded Opulence Workshop

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Instructing at a workshop is great fun and so rewarding. Yesterday I went to the pretty village of Haddenham in Cambridgeshire where Spoilt Rotten Beads is located. When I arrived I was greeted by lots of familiar faces as well as some new pupils and I really couldn’t have wished for a better group of […]

From one extreme to the other!

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Perhaps most people would not consider a difference of 0.6mm as going from one extreme to another, but that is exactly what it is in beaded kumihimo! The second kit I demonstrated on Jewellery Maker this week contained 4 reels of the thick S-Lon (Tex 400), which at approximately 0.9mm diameter is a full 0.6mm […]

Tassels Galore!

Pearl kumihimo

I have just finished putting the instructions for the first kit I demonstrated yesterday JM onto this site. This kit was all about fine cords, so it was a great opportunity for me to explore the potential of finer cords in kumihimo. The most obvious advantage of the S-Lon Tex 135 is that it will […]