Pearls and Hematite

Blue collage

One of the most difficult aspects of demonstrating on television is knowing exactly where to pitch the level of complexity. I know that some very loyal viewers have watched my shows right from the beginning in May 2014 and I want to be able to show them new and interesting techniques. However, as kumihimo gets better known and more popular new people are drawn to the shows and I don’t want to scare them off with something too complicated. This week I decided to swing both ways!! I demonstrated a fairly simple way to make a beaded pendant and then I showed a far more complex way of making a beaded pendant with an integrated inner core. Had I known that I was not going to have the back up of the YouTube recording of the show I might not have been so ambitious! I hope I have made it reasonably clear in the instructions for the second kit, which I have just posted on this site. While it is rather a tricky technique, it is a very good way of working with beads of different sizes, with different sized drill holes and it produces a very firm and effective braid. Those who work exclusively with factory made glass beads are unlikely to find this sort of technique useful, but for those who want to work with a variety of natural gemstones and pearls it is important to find ways dealing with the drill hole issues.

To find out more, visit the instructions!

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