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Kumihimo Workshop

Instructing at a workshop is great fun and so rewarding. Yesterday I went to the pretty village of Haddenham in Cambridgeshire where Spoilt Rotten Beads is located. When I arrived I was greeted by lots of familiar faces as well as some new pupils and I really couldn’t have wished for a better group of people. The class was intermediate level and the bracelet design requires lots of concentration and hard work. I got both in abundance from these lovely ladies. The design is a variation of the Windows design I taught last month and it seems to work well all round to offer variations of a design to different workshop hosts. The basic design is something I ¬†have worked hard to develop and always generates interest when I show it. It is fun for me to explore different effects and it means that I can offer something unique to each bead shop. This helps them to market the workshop. While the main technique is the same, ¬†each bracelet requires slightly different supplementary techniques and the bead threading sequences are different. I have already started working on a third variation of this design and I believe there are many more possiblilites.

I have been asked many times if I will be releasing this design as a tutorial. I have no immediate plans to do so because I think it is better to keep some designs exclusively for workshops. Once I feel that this design has run its course in workshops I will write up a different version as a tutorial.

My photo collage is made up of lots of faces and hands. Each attendee is represented, but I understand that some people prefer not to have their faces photographed. At my last workshop I tried to edit the photographs to exclude the shy ones, but it wasn’t easy. This time I asked each person ‘In or out?’ and took the shot accordingly. I rather like the effect!


Beaded Opulence kumihimo bracelet


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