Spring is here!

Rose Quartz Necklace

After such a wet winter it is wonderful that spring has arrived with such gusto! The gardens and parks have been transformed with vibrant displays of fresh spring colours, so I have decided to do the same thing to the pages of my blog. I took lots of photos in my garden, but I found that I got by far the best results by picking a few flowers and photographing them with my jewellery against a white background. All the jewellery has been made some time ago, but it really takes on a new look with the addition of seasonal flowers. Anyone who is a member of the Kumihimo group on Facebook will see that we have filled the pages there with spring flowers too. It has been great to see what is blooming in other parts of the world.

Pink Kumihimo bracelet

This suede bracelet is part of a set of three in different colours. It takes on a personality of its own when shown with a pretty posy of spring flowers.

Kumihimo bluebell necklace

Kat Newman’s fabulous lampwork is perfect with kumihimo and a bluebell from the garden.

Cherry blossom kumihimo necklace

The Japanese are particularly fond of cherry blossom and celebrate its arrival each year. This tree of life design was made to represent the cherry tree, so a sprig of cherry blossom works perfectly in the photo.

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