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Stylish Stackers – my first front cover!

Kumihimo stacking bracelet

I will always be particularly fond of this design because it was my first front cover on Beads & Beyond. When a friend messaged me to say that my design had made it to the magazine cover I was amazed and delighted and it will always remain one of my proudest achievements. I have taken […]

Front Covers

Beads & Beyond Front Covers

It is time to set up a new page on this website for all the publications my work has found its way into! These are the three front covers from 2013 which featured my designs, but my work has been appearing in print since 2009 and I would quite like to get it all together […]

Cover Girl

Pru McRae's kumihimo jewellery design makes the front cover for July 2013 magazine issue

  Few things can compare with the sight of a magazine in the local newsagent with your own design emblazoned across the front cover. I know this because it has just happened to me! I am officially a cover girl and I am going to make the most of it! Not only am I pleased […]