Wire and Braid, the perfect marriage!

Dragonfly kumihimo

Yesterday I attended a great workshop with Rachel Norris, the well known and well loved UK wire artist. We made this amazing dragonfly using just 10 beads and loads of wire. The workshop was only 3 hours long, so it was not possible to finish and I have been working hard to get mine done before I forgot how to do it. I am reasonably proficient at working with small scale wire projects, such as clasps and cones, but this was the first time I have attempted something so intricate. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it came together and how much I enjoyed the class. We were supposed to be making it as a brooch, but I decided that I would like to hang my dragonfly on a braid as a pendant. I really like the combination of the rigid wire structure against the soft and flexible braid, as well as the way the colour of the body section can be picked up in the braid. Wire and braid certainly work brilliantly together.