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Frequently Asked Questions

I have finally put together a page of frequently asked questions for my Prumihimo disk. It has been on my ‘to do’ list for months and I have asked for and received lots of input from frequent users of my disk, but I just didn’t get round to putting it all together. I hope people […]

Happy New Year – New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year to you all and thank you very much for all the support and encouragement you have given me over 2016. It has been a very exciting year for me with the success of my Prumihimo disk and the publication of my book. I have had great fun developing new designs for my […]

Happy Hearts for the holidays!

Although Christmas is fast approaching it is not too late to make up a set of these adorable happy heart decorations for the Christmas tree. They are very quick to make up and you can use up odds and ends from your stash to customise the design. This ornament is made on the Prumihimo disk […]

Farewell Jewellery Maker

After two and a half years as a Guest Designer with Jewellery Maker TV I have decided to stand down to allow myself more time to persue other activities. I have very much enjoyed my time with JM, so it was with some reluctance that I came to this decision, but at the same time […]

Demonstrating on live TV

Actors are warned never to work with animals or children. Perhaps TV demonstrators should be warned not to work with tiny, glass seed beads! They certainly fought back when I tried to sew them into some sort of order on my most recent appearance on Jewellery Maker TV. The first difficultly is that I have […]

Working with Fireline

It was great to be able to demonstrate in the masterclass on Jewellery Maker how to use beading threads, such as Fireline, in kumihimo designs. Each type of cord or threading material used for beaded kumihimo will bring its own special qualities to the design, but it will also bring its own challenges! People are […]

Return to Jewellery Maker

Yesterday was a big day for me because it was my return show to Jewellery Maker. I last appeared on a show in May and since then I have been taking a few months off to spend time on my book and on developing new designs for the Prumihimo disk. I got a great welcome […]

Butterfly Tutorial

One of the great features of the Prumihimo disk is that it makes it easy to use unusual shapes of bead and it is reasonably straightforward to work out how to position them on the braid as you wish to. I really love the challenge of a new bead shape and often find that the […]

Launch Day!

The date is 3rd October, 2016 and it is a very big day for me because it is the publication date of my book, The Prumihimo Disk – A fresh approach to kumihimo I would like to say a massive thank you to all those who have placed pre-orders either on this site or with […]

The Prumihimo Disk – A fresh approach to kumihimo

Prumihimo book

I have long wanted to write a book and over the last couple of years I have considered various different options. The development of my Prumihimo disk gave me the idea of writing a handbook for the disk and I started looking into the feasability of this over a year ago. The disk was launched […]