Beads, Cords and Kits




I aim to use only readily available beads. Most of the major brands of bead are distributed around the world and on-line shops make them accessible to even those living in the most remote regions.

The most useful sizes are size 6, size 8, 4mm round and mid-sized top drilled beads, such as Pips or daggers. I also like to make use of the new shapes and sizes of bead as they come onto the market.

However, once you get started I am sure you will find lots of suitable beads to experiment with in your stash!




The Prumihimo Disk requires both thick and thin cords. Make sure you only put the thick cords in the top and bottom slots at numbers 1 and 2 and reserve the other slots for the thin cords. This will keep your disk in good condition and keep your tension tight.

Satin cord, rattail, waxed cord, knotting cord and pretty much anything else in the 1-2mm range is workable.





S-Lon or C-Lon is recommended as the thin cord because a strong and reliable cord is needed to carry the beads. In most cases the regular 0.5mm, Tex 210 is the best choice, but the thinner cord may be needed when using beads with very small holes.





I provide a small number of limited edition kits. The number depends on the materials I have available, so when they are gone they are gone! I advertise these kits in my Facebook group (Kumihimo by Prumihimo and Friends) and on my Facebook pages (Prumihimo and Kumihimo by Prumihimo).

Prumihimo kits

Large scale production of kits is not something I wish to get involved with at this stage, but I know that many people prefer to buy their materials in this way, so I have teamed up with Jamie North of Kitznglitz and Sally Battis of Sally Bead Jewelry to make this possible.

They will  supply the materials only. To make the jewellery you need to have the Prumihimo Disk and to have bought the tutorial from me. Some of the kits so far are based on the Pipalicious tutorial. This is supplied with the single disk, when it is purchased from this site in the Prumhimo Disk package,

The Prumihimo Disk package including instructions and Pipalicious tutorial PDF

It is also available as a tutorial on its own, for those who bougth their disk from JTV, The Big Bead Show or a retail shop

Pipalicious Necklace Tutorial

The other kit Sally has available is for the Butterfly tutorial. This tutorial came with the Pre-order and launch packages of the Prumihimo book. It is also available as a tutorial on its own.

Butterfly Tutorial

Please check Sally’s website for the latest designs and the most up-to-date stock position. Here are some photos of the fabulous versions she has put together.Sally 1


These kits make use of the Pipalicious tutorial, but (tulip) petal beads are used instead of the pip beads.

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Sally 3



Another bead substitution creates a totally different effect!





Sally has sourced a great clasp for this kit for the Butterfly tutorial. Click here for the kit.


Jamie North at Kitznglitz has designed a variation of my Mystic Moons bracelet, which features fabulous Swarovsky crystals. You will still need to purchase the Mystic Moons tutorial from this site and the additional instructions will be provided in the kit. She has made it up in several fabulous colours.  This is the Aquamarine and Metallic Suede Blue option. Check her website for the others. 

Prumihimo Mystic Moons

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