The Extra-thick Prumihimo Disk

Cherry Blossom kumihimo

The regular Prumihimo disk is 1cm thick and it is perfect for all types of Prumihimo braiding. As long as certain slots are reserved for thinner cords they will be able to maintain a good grip on the cords. The slots for the thicker cords will stretch slightly to accommodate the cords without too much tugging. As many people enjoy using extra-thick versions of the round disk I was asked to produce a thicker Prumihimo disk. This has proved to be very popular for cords no thicker than 1mm. It is very durable and can hold very firm tension on the cords. For anything thicker I would recommend the 1cm thick disk.

The thicker disk offers a new benefit because it can be used with very fine cords to far more delicate designs than before. I have filmed a short video to explain this and it can be watched by clicking here.

The extra thick disk can be purchased from the shop on this website, either singly or in pairs. They are very light weight, so two extra-thick disks can be shipped to the US or worldwide for £4/$5.5o approx. UK shipping is just £1.50. I have a limited number of kumihimo weights for sale with a disk.

Here are examples of some of these more delicate designs made on the extra-thick Prumihimo disk. I would categorise these as intermediate/advanced level and they may be a little fiddly to get right, but as they take kumihimo into new territory I believe they are well worth the effort.

Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain kumihimo

Dragon scale kumihimo




Busy bee kumihimo necklace

Extra thin kumihimo

Extra thin kumhimo