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Books and disks back in stock!

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Hooray! My books and disks are now back in stock! I decided to hold all sales of physical products early in December and there were several reasons for this. It is something I do every year in mid December to ensure that people do not order too close to Christmas. I do not want people […]

Time flies – The Prumihimo book is 5 years old!


How time flies! It was  5 years ago that I launched my first book, The Prumihimo Disk – A fresh approach to kumihimo and I am happy to say that the book continues to sell well and since that first delivery of books I have authorised 4 further print runs. From this perspective it is hard […]

It’s a miracle!!


I generally prefer to use glass, ceramic or stone beads in my work. There are several reasons for this. The most important is that if I spend a lot of time and effort making something I want the quality of the materials to reflect the value of my hard work. Poor quality materials can downgrade […]

Kumihimo Braid-along – the Sampler Necklace


  In May I ran a braid-along for the members of my Facebook group (Kumihimo by Prumihimo and Friends). It took place over a 2 week period and involved daily posts with instructions and links to my YouTube videos. Each day the participants made a new beaded section on a braid, which worked up into […]

Why buy an extra-thick Prumihimo disk?

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It gives me a great amount of pleasure to see all the wonderful designs made on my patented Prumihimo disk and to see how it allows braiders to take their kumihimo to new levels. What started as an idea to help my students in workshops has resulted in thousands of disks being sent all over […]

Frequently Asked Questions


I have finally put together a page of frequently asked questions for my Prumihimo disk. It has been on my ‘to do’ list for months and I have asked for and received lots of input from frequent users of my disk, but I just didn’t get round to putting it all together. I hope people […]

The Prumihimo Disk

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I am very excited to be able to tell  you about The Prumihimo Disk! I have developed this innovative disk, which features a unique set of slots and markings to enable anyone to master a wonderful braid structure. The size, shape and hole size have been carefully designed to support the needs of the braider […]