Playing with Wire

Two wire Kumihimo bracelets

I have had a couple of requests for some information about Kumihimo with wire, so I have added these two bracelets to the site as free mini tutorials. I love to use wire, but the technique is very different to the way Kumihimo is made with cords and yarns. The best way to learn to braid with wire is to do as much experimentation as possible and that way you will get a feel for it. Some wire can behave differently to others and the best type is very soft and not too springy. You need to bend and stroke the wire into position, rather than pulling it up tightly. The good news is that it can be manipulated into shape after it has come off the disk, so some irregularities can be sorted out after braiding! The end result is great, so it is well worth having a go.

Wire Round Braid Bracelet

Wire Half Round Braid Bracelet

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