Beading with Spiral Braid

2 spiral bracelets

I have been busy today adding content to the website. I am working my way through the suggestions made by visitors to the site, starting with the easiest! Several people have asked about adding beads to braids other than the Round Braid. While Round Braid is definitely the easiest and the most versatile braid it is possible to add beads to other braids. I decided to add a section about beading on a Spiral Braid. If too many beads are added the raised spiral design on the surface of the braid is covered and lost, so I have given instructions for the two designs in this photo. In the top braid crystals have been braided between the raised parts and in the bottom one larger beads have been braided on top of the spiral. Seeing them side by side like that really highlights the versatility of kumihimo braiding.