I’m exhausted!

Pyrite and quartz kumihimo jewellery

I am just back from Redditch. It is not only pretty much the centre of England, but to many people it is also the centre of jewellery making. It is the home of Jewellery Maker TV and it is where I spent the afternoon, demonstrating kumihimo jewellery making techniques. This was my fourth full four hour show and I definitely feel more relaxed and confident and I hope it shows to viewers. I think I got the timing right for the two one hour demonstration slots. One of the problems with trying to demonstrate kumihimo is that two of the major parts of making a piece of kumihimo jewellery, threading on beads and the actual braiding process, are not very interesting to view for more than a couple of minutes. This means that something which may have taken me several hours to make can be explained in less than 10 minutes. I decided to include several new techniques and lots of tips, so that I had lots to talk about and both demonstrations filled the time well.

If you want to watch the show, here is the link.

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