Pyrite and Pearls

Pyrite and Pearl kumihimo

Click here to find the last few designs I have posted onto this site. These received a lot of praise on the show on 24.6.14 and anyone who saw the show will know that Vicky, the lovely presenter, was very taken with the necklace and that it looked fabulous on her.

The huge pearl drops and the ultra sparkly pyrite faceted beads were wonderful to work with. I had intended to use gold with the pyrite, but most of the gold seed beads got used up with the emerald. The silver looked great with the blue and pinks, so that just left me with the copper. Once I started work on them I realised that they were brilliant together and they should have been the choice right from the beginning!

The mixed metal bracelet also drew a lot of praise. It has a very contemporary appeal, but at the same time is remniscent of traditional Russian Wedding rings. Any bracelet like this with a heavy focal is best worn fairly snugly on the wrist, so that the focal does not droop.

The bracelet was demonstrated on the show, so if you want to see it click here.


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