Companion to the Kumihimo Endings book

kumihimo endings

My second book, Kumihimo Endings – The finishing touch for every braid, is all about how to finish off kumihimo rather than how to braid and make jewellery. However, it is not possible to show how an ending would look without including some jewellery and I am sometimes asked how to make the designs shown in the book. I have been working on some pages on this website to accompany the book. My aim is to direct reader to the relevant instructions or videos and these may be on the website, in YouTube videos or as tutorials.

Kumihimo Endings

There is quite a lot of work involved in this, so it is a work in progress and I will add to it now and then until it is complete. To make it easy to find the designs I am simply working through the book from the front to the back and writing instructions for the photos as they appear in the Kumihimo Endings book. So far I have got to page 29, so I have got quite a bit of work ahead!

I am also hoping over time to film more YouTube videos for some of these designs, so that I can offer instructions to suit everyone. By providing these instructions and videos I aim to add value to the book, which is already bursting full of great information and inspiration!

I can make no promised about exactly when this will be completed, so watch this space!

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