**Kumihimo Endings – The finishing touch for every braid

kumihimo endings


The essential handbook for every lover of kumihimo jewellery by Pru McRae. This little gem of a book is packed with everything you need to know about finishing off your kumihimo. The concise, fun and easy to use presentation explains a wealth of ending methods, suitable for beginners and more experienced braiders alike. All the required techniques are explained in detail and the ending methods are organised into are six chapters, glued endings, wired endings, button fastenings, crimp endings, loop fastenings and tassels. This book fills a huge hole in the market and will make a big difference to your kumihimo!

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Pru McRae has written this book in response to frequent and numerous requests for help with endings. For most people finishing off is their least favourite part of making braided jewellery, but often this is because people either do not know the most effective methods, or they have become stuck in a rut of the same old methods. Pru has put together all her favourite methods and added in her personal tips for success, so that the perfect ending can be found for every braid. This takes kumihimo jewellery making to the next level.

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If you would like your copy to be signed by the author please request this in the comments.

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78 pages 160mm x 160mm

Beaded Cluster Double Bracelet

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