Video – Button Bracelet Tutorial

Thumb button

Length of video –  16.34 minutes

Materials explained – 1.30 minutes

Demonstration starts – 3.42 minutes

Materials required –                                                                     2.5m thick satin cord/rattail, 2mm                                         3m S-Lon/C-Lon beading cord 0.5mm/Tex 210/#18         10-15 two-hole buttons, approx 1cm diameter                       Size 8 seed beads, 6 are needed for every button                 Clasp – a magnetic bullet-style glue-in clasp is used in the examples

Equipment – Prumihimo Disk, weight (optional)

Button Bracelet Tutorial

In this video I demonstrate the method for braiding with buttons. I use 1cm mother of pearl star buttons, but it is possible to use a wide range of shapes and styles of button. If the buttons are a few millimeters larger or smaller the spacing of the buttons will be reduced or increased, but the effect will still be very attractive. You can have a lot of fun exploring different buttons.

Button collage

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Prumihimo disk with tutorial

Prumihimo disk, 2 disk package

Prumihimo book, disk and tutorial package