Video – Mushroom Bead Bracelet Tutorial

Thumb mushroom

Video length – 11.38 minutes

Explanation of materials – 1.15 minutes

Demonstration starts – 3.15

Equipment – Prumihimo Disk, 50g weight (optional)



2.4m Satin cord/Rattail, 2mm – cut into 4 equal lengths of 60cm

2.6m S-Lon/C-Lon beading cord, 0.5mm/Tex 210/#18 – cut into 2 lengths of 60cm and 2 lengths of 70cm

14-20 Mushroom beads, either large or small

15-21 size 8 seed beads

Clasp – bullet-style magnetic clasps are used in these examples

Mushroom Bead Bracelet Tutorial

This is a great techniue because it is so quick to make up and is very economical in its use of materials. All sorts of other beads can be used instead of mushroom beads, so once the technique has been mastered you can have great fun experimenting with other effects.

This is a close up of where the beads need to be positioned.

mushroom close up

The bracelet can be finished using either a glue-on clasp or by using wire to attach a cone and clasp. Check out these two videos to learn the method,

Finishing your braid: the glued method

Finishing your braid: the wired method

Mushroom bead collage


This bracelet is made on the Prumihimo disk, which is a patented product. It is protected in the EU by Design Protection 003025071 and in the US by pending Design Patent 29/557,791

Prumihimo disks can be purchased from the shop on this website and can be shipped internationally.

Prumihimo disk with tutorial

Prumihimo disk, 2 disk package

Prumihimo book, disk and tutorial package