Video – How to braid on the Prumihimo Disk

Thumb pru

Length of video 13.15 minutes

Disk set up starts at 3.30 minutes

Braiding demo starts at 7.00 minutes

Materials – Satin cord/rattail 1-2mm and S-Lon or C-Lon 0.5mm/Tex 210/#18

Equipment – Prumihimo Disk, 50g weight (optional)

How to braid on the Prumihimo Disk

In this video I give a lot of useful information about the Prumihimo disk and how to use it effectively. This inovative new disk was designed by me to simplify a traditional Japanese braid by guiding the braider through the cord moves using my own system of dots, slots and numbers.

This is a patented product. It is protected in the EU by Design Protection 003025071 and in the US by pending Design Patent 29/557,791

Prumihimo disks can be purchased from the shop on this website and can be shipped internationally.

Prumihimo disk with tutorial

Prumihimo disk, 2 disk package

Prumihimo book, disk and tutorial package