Video – How to braid with beads using the Prumihimo Disk

Thumb pru beads

Length of video –  14.03 minutes

Demo starts – 3.17 minutes

Materials – Satin cord/rattail 1-2mm. In the demo I use 1.5mm.

S-Lon/C-Lon beading cord 0.5mm/Tex 210/#18.

Seed beads size 6 or 8 are the easiest to use for this practise braid.

Equipment – Prumihimo disk, 50g weight (optional)

How to braid with beads using the Prumihimo Disk

In this video I give lots of important information about braiding with beads and I demonstrate the following bead placements

Beads on one side of the braid – single beading

Disks 2

Beads on two sides of the braid – double beading

Disks 3

Beads on three sides of the braid – triple beading

Disks 4

Beads on four sides of the braid – quadruple beading

Disks 5

The Prumihimo disk is a patented product. It is protected in the EU by Design Protection 003025071 and in the US by pending Design Patent 29/557,791

Prumihimo disks can be purchased from the shop on this website and can be shipped internationally.

Prumihimo disk with tutorial

Prumihimo disk, 2 disk package

Prumihimo book, disk and tutorial package