Summer is here!


Working with these summery colours is the next best thing to being away on holiday! Amazonite, pearls and pyrite form the basis of this kit and I have just posted the details of the design I demonstrated on Wednesday on Jewellery Maker, as well as brief instructions for the other designs. I hope people are finding these instructions helpful, whether they bought the kit or not. These designs can easily be adapted to suit other beads and gemstones and would work well in different colourways.

I particularly enjoyed working with the amazonite because it was the first time I had been able to get my hands on this gemstone. I loved the clean, fresh colour and the flat nuggets were very versatile. I used them flat at the end of tassels, wired onto the comb in an upright position and dropped them in twos into the bracelet.

Apparently one of the main properties of amazonite is to make married life happy.  In my opinion you can never have too much of that!!

Amazonite Kumihimo

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