Getting there!

Kumihimo with wire and cord

I have been very busy working on the instructions for the designs I showed on Jewellery Maker on Wednesday (20.5.14). They can be found here and are intended to be used together with the YouTube video. However, I want to make it really clear that they are very different to the tutorials for sale in the shop, which are extremely detailed, full of step-by-step photos and also contain lots of advice on how to take the design further and start to develop your own skills.

I now need to get back to work to finish off the instructions for one of the kits from the previous week! Apologies for those who are waiting for Sunset View … not long to wait now!

The next project is to bring together some new wire designs I have been working on for some time. Working with wire is great fun and can produce some unusual and sometimes unexpected results!

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