My adventure with Gemstone Kumihimo


Gemstone KumihimoI have finally finished loading on the free instructions for the designs I showed on Jewellery Maker TV on 14.5.14. I hope this will be useful to people who bought the kit, but I also hope that they will have a wider appeal. The designs are very versatile and can be adapted to accomodate many different sizes and shapes of bead. If you want to see the instructions click here.

The whole experience of working with Jewellery Maker has been a very interesting experience for me. A glance through my gallery and shop will show that I usually work with seed beads and shaped glass beads. These sorts of beads tend to be very regular and reliable. Working with genuine gemstones presents many challenges, but these have forced me to find solutions and opportunities. I am looking forward to combining these different types of bead in future designs, with a view to allowing them to complement each other in some really unusual pieces.

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