The Wonderful World of Wire Kumihimo

wire kumihimo

For my second full show on Jewellery Maker I demonstrated a couple of wire designs and a new way of using chain in kumihimo. These photos show just a few of the designs I made using two beautiful kits. The show can be seen on YouTube by following this link, Additional bullet point instructions will follow, but I have now got quite a few designs to write up, so please be patient!

Using wire to make kumihimo braids opens up many new possibilities for jewellery design. Several different sizes of wire work well, but for this show I concentrated on using the very fine 0.25/30 gauge wire. The great advantage of using such fine wire is that it will go through even the smallest drill holes, so it is wonderful for fully beaded kumihimo. At the other end of the scale, it can be used in bundles of wire to make substantial braids, which can be smoothed and moulded into dramatic designs.

If you like the idea of wire kumihimo take a look at these designs in the shop,

Wire Kumihimo Beaded Collar

Wire collar kumihimo












Twister Kumihimo Wire Bracelet

Twister Kumihimo Wire Bracelet










Wire Kumihimo Half Round Braid Bracelet

Wire Kumihimo bracelet tutorial half round braid jewellery


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