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Cords, cords and more cords!

S-Lon cord for kumihimo

There is often a considerable amount of confusion about which cords or threads are suitable for beaded kumihimo, which is a shame because using the correct cord is one of the keys to maintaining the necessary tension to keep the beads in place. S-Lon and C-Lon beading cord are identical products and are perfect for […]

Chain Gang!

I am a little bit behind schedule this week because of all the excitement about the DVD last week and my preparations for my second workshop at the weekend, but finally here are the mini instructions for designs shown on the Jewellery Maker show last week. I have no hand in deciding what is in […]

Amazing Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the best known and best loved of all gemstones, so I was so pleased to be given a long strand of sizeable amethyst chips to work with. Added to that were some lovely pearls and some blue quartz and silver seed beeds. It was a wonderful combination and the jewellery certainly […]

My favourite make so far

I spend so much of my time making jewellery that I sometimes struggle to remember how I made individual pieces and I certainly couldn’t say how many pieces of jewellery I have made this year. I like every single thing I finish. If I start something and I am not completely happy with it I […]

Television Debut!

Kumihimo Btutton hole

  This is a glimpse of an ingenius button hole fastening which requires only beads and cords and if all goes well I will be demonstrating the method on Jewellery Maker on Tuesday 6th May between 1 and 2 pm GMT (8 and 9 am EST). This will be my television debut, so watch out […]

Cover Girl

  Few things can compare with the sight of a magazine in the local newsagent with your own design emblazoned across the front cover. I know this because it has just happened to me! I am officially a cover girl and I am going to make the most of it! Not only am I pleased […]